Ladies’ Flower Garden, V.2

Jane Webb Loudon

The Ladies’ Flower Garden, Vol. 2 (1844) was written and illustrated by Jane Webb Loudon (1807-1858). The 50 hand-colored chromolithographs include many varieties of flowers grouped as bunches, which was a signature artistic method of Loudon’s.

This volume was contributed for digitization by Smithsonian Libraries for inclusion in Biodiversity Heritage Library. Explore more of Jane Loudon’s works in BHL.

Varieties of Chrysanthemum indicum

Plate 86: Beardtongues
1. Gentian-like Penstemon (Penstemon gentianoides)
2. Slender Penstemon (Penstemon gracilis)
3. Smooth Penstemon (Penstemon laevigatus)
4. Bell-flowered Penstemon (Penstemon campanulatus)

Plate 95: Irises
1. Chalcedonian Iris (Iris susiana)
2. Florentine Iris (Iris germanica)
3. Nepal Iris (Iris germanica)
4. Savannah Iris (Iris tridentata)
5. Dwarf Iris (Iris verna)

Plate 63: Bellflowers
1. Campanula medium
2. Campanula alpina
3. Campanula alliariifolia
4. Campanula barbata
5. Campanula sarmatica
6. Campanula punctata

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