Curtis’s Botanical Magazine, Vol. 75 (1849)

Volume 75 of Curtis’s Botanical Magazine was published in 1849 and edited by Sir William Jackson Hooker. Walter Hood Fitch created the beautiful botanical SciArt for this issue.

Orchids (Sobralia macrantha) by Walter Hood Fitch for Vol. 75 of Curtis’s Botanical Magazine.

Walter Hood Fitch was a prolific botanical artist who produced more than 2,500 illustrations for Curtis’s Botanical Magazine and thousands more for other works. Many of Fitch’s illustrations can be viewed in Biodiversity Heritage Library‘s Flickr account here.

Joseph Dalton Hooker, also an illustrator, was best known for his work as a botanist, particularly his botanical expeditions, and his role as Director of Kew Gardens from 1841 to 1865. In addition, he edited 38 volumes of Curtis’s Botanical Magazine from 1827–1865.

Curtis’s Botanical Magazine is the longest running botanical publication, having been published continuously since 1787 and is currently produced by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The botanical art featured in each issue was produced by leading botanical artists of the time.

Volume 75 was contributed for digitization in Biodiversity Heritage Library by the Peter H. Raven Library of the Missouri Botanical Garden. All 69 colored illustrations from this volume may be viewed in BHL’s Flickr album with tags and descriptions of each plant.

Wouldn’t these look great hanging on a wall? These works of SciArt are part of the public domain, and everyone can download high resolution versions of these illustrations, along with many others, from Biodiversity Heritage Library! Learn more here.