Women in Historical SciArt

Fashion District Clothing.png

This spreadsheet contains many of the amazing women who contributed to the advancement of science through their scientific illustrations. If the women were identified on their artwork, they may have signed with their initials, their married name by husband (i.e. “Mrs. John Doe”), or their maiden name without a first name (“Miss Doe”); please note that there are other variations in signatures. Sometimes, they were only identified in the Preface of the work or even not at all. I have included their full names in the American convention: first, middle, maiden, married to provide the greatest range of possibilities in how they may have been mentioned.

In addition to their names and lifespans, I have included the subject areas in which they created, and most importantly, I have included links to their artwork identified in the Flickr account and Catalogue of Biodiversity Heritage Library.

This spreadsheet is based on my research, and therefore, it is dynamic and may not include all information known about these talented artists. I will automatically update this page when I add new information to it. If you have any corrections to this information, please let me know via histsciart [at] gmail.